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LNOBT - Didžioji salė

Monday, March 28th, 2022


1928, 78 min.

Jungtinės Valstijos / United States
Režisierius / Director(s) - Charlie Chaplin
Scenarijaus autoriai / Screenwriter(s) - Charlie Chaplin
Aktoriai / Actor(s) – Al Ernest Garcia, Merna Kennedy, Harry Crocker, George Davis, Henry Bergman, Charlie Chaplin
Prodiuseriai / Producer(s) - Charlie Chaplin
Operatorius / Cinematographer – Roland Totheroh
Montažas / Editor(s) - Charlie Chaplin
Kompozitoriai / Composer(s) - Charlie Chaplin
Dialogai / Dialogues – be dialogų
Subtitrai / Subtitles – lietuvių, anglų / Lithuanian, English

Charlie Chaplin's 'The Tramp' is accused of pickpocketing and hiding in a traveling circus to avoid the police. But as they say, when you flee from a wolf, you run into a bear. The poor man is exploited by the circus owner and, unknowingly, becomes an entertainer. And he dreams of the owner's stepdaughter. The only obstacle – she falls in love with another. He must win the girl's heart with a bold stunt. The last Chaplin's film created in the end of the silent era, and the first to bring him an Oscar.


"This film is the world's most famous comedian's tribute to acrobatics and pantomime for it having inspired the greatest roles of his career. To quote the film theorist Bél Balázs, the flat feet of Chaplin's character seem to belong to a slick acrobat with a bittersweet smile that wins us over and genius wisdom behind humble naiveté." (Gediminas Kukta)

About the Orchestra

The Vilnius City Municipality St. Christopher Chamber Orchestra (artistic director and chief conductor – Modestas Barkauskas, honorary conductor – Donatas Katkus) is a collective widely known for its universality, professionalism, and artistic imagination. The orchestra was formed in 1994 by the initiative of Prof. Donatas Katkus, its artistic director and conductor, who at first envisaged creating a baroque orchestra. The orchestra regularly collaborates with well-known Lithuanian and foreign collectives and soloists.

Monday, March 28th, 2022
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